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After serving his country as a Special Agent with U.S Army Counterintelligence, Robert returned home from a deployment to Iraq in 2007 to face credit issues that prevented him from obtaining lending. Through his efforts to resolve the issues he was experiencing, he discovered a way to help others just like him. He established a credit repair organization in the tradeline space, which subsequently became one of the largest tradeline companies in the country for over a decade.

Concerned with a credit repair organization’s ability to comply with credit repair laws and rules, Robert began the process of pivoting out of the industry by selling his company and starting a third party escrow platform specifically designed for CROA and TSR compliance.

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Welcome to the Credit Repair Organizations Act (or “CROA”) course at Credzu University. The CROA is a federal law that regulates the ac...
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Welcome to the Credit Repair Compliance Orientation course at Credzu University. Rather than diving into the depth of particular laws and rules lik...
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